Cancun Bariatric Surgery Centers and full service hospitals that specialize in weight loss surgery include Amerimed Hospital, Clinica Victoria Hospital and Galenia Hospital. Each hospital can accommodate Cancun bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, and general surgery.

Cancun Bariatric Surgery Centers - Amerimed

Amerimed Hosptial

Amerimed Hospital is a full service hospital that can accommodate bariatric surgery, general surgery, internal medicine and emergency care. Its certified by the Accreditation Council Canada and the General Health Council of Mexico.

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Cancun Bariatric Surgery Centers - Clinica Victoria

Clinica Victoria Hosptial

Clinica Victoria Hospital is located in downtown Cancun and specializes in bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, reconstructive surgery and pediatrics since its inception in 1979.

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Cancun Bariatric Surgery Centers - Galenia


Galenia Hospital is a full service hospital specializing in bariatric weight loss surgery and other healthcare services. Since 2006, this hospital has maintained a strong reputation for providing high quality patient care.

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