Hair Loss After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Hair Loss After Gastric Sleeve SurgeryHair loss after gastric sleeve surgery is a common experience for patients and typically starts about three months after surgery.

You need to be prepared for gastric sleeve complications and know what to expect in the weeks and months following your surgery.

Fortunately, hair loss after gastric sleeve is usually only temporary and should resolve itself in about three to six months. The most common cause of post-op hair loss is a nutrient deficiency, but there are also other potential causes.

How Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Mechanism Can Lead to Hair Loss

When a patient undergoes gastric sleeve surgery, their body is left with a stomach that’s only 10 percent of its original size. Gastric sleeve promotes weight loss by restricting the amount of food you can consume, but it also makes you feel less hungry.

The reason for the reduced hunger is because so much of the stomach is gone, and the stomach is responsible for producing ghrelin, a hormone that makes you feel hungry.

Because you’ll feel less hungry and your new stomach will only be able to accommodate small portions, it’s possible that you may develop some nutritional deficiencies.

  • Some of the most common deficiencies that lead to hair loss are protein, iron, biotin, and zinc.


Stress Can Induce Hair Loss After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Although deficiencies are the most common cause of post-op hair loss, they aren’t the only one. Stress is another possible cause since surgery puts your body under a great deal of physical and emotional strain.

The link between stress and hair loss isn’t fully understood. It’s most likely that your body’s hormonal response to stress is what causes the hair to fall out.

How To Deal With Hair Loss After Gastric Sleeve

The best way to prevent hair loss after surgery is to ensure you eat enough food. More importantly, eat nutrient-rich whole foods like lean proteins, protein shakes, vegetables, and fruit in moderation.

  • The right diet will ensure you get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, and that includes keeping a full head of hair.

However, when it comes to stress-related hair loss after surgery, you can help prevent this by preparing yourself mentally and physically for:

  • The operation
  • Practicing relaxation techniques
  • Getting plenty of sleep, and
  • Seeking professional help for any anxiety-related issues you may be experiencing.

Hair loss is a relatively common complication following gastric sleeve, but the good news is that it doesn’t last forever, and you can prevent it and combat it.

Seeing as the most common cause of hair loss after surgery is nutrient deficiency, eating a healthy and balanced diet will ensure your body gets everything it needs to keep your hair healthy.

Additionally, stress is another potential cause of post-op hair loss, so you should also take steps to reduce your stress levels before and after the procedure.

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