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Jet Medical Tourism - Patient TestimonialsHi, I’m Susan… a retired Registered Nurse (RN) from Cadiz, Ohio. When I was deciding on having bariatric surgery in Mexico, I chose Jet Medical Tourism as the company to go with. I done research on the internet and they had the best reviews so I felt very comfortable in going with them. They gave us information on how to fly into San Diego and a very nice budget hotel to stay in. We flew in the day before surgery and enjoyed San Diego. Then on the day of our surgery, the driver picked us up right on time. He brought us over the border and into Tijuana. It is a very safe neighborhood. My husband is actually out right now enjoying a cup of coffee at a local Starbucks. And my daughter who is also having the gastric sleeve surgery is here with me. We both are very impressed with the cleanliness of the facility, the friendliness of the staff and their knowledge of everything they need to do. Being a retired Registered Nurse (RN), I have noticed that their equipment is very up to date. They have crash carts in the rooms and everything is exactly as I would expect it to be in an American hospital, except that the staff is even friendlier compared to most American hospitals. So I would very much recommend using the services of Jet Medical Tourism.”

Jet Medical Tourism - Patient TestimonialsI’m Regina and I’m from Jackson Mississippi. And I just wanted to share my experience. I have been looking all over for the gastric sleeve and everywhere I looked it was $13,000 and then I saw the Mexico ad. I gave it a try and I want anyone to know that if you are considering gastric sleeve, this is the place. The welcome, the hospitality, it is clean, it is spotless, there are no scams. They pick you up and check on you. Everything has been wonderful. I feel great and today is Sunday and I had my surgery on Friday. I’m up and I’m walking around. I would not dare advise anyone to go anywhere else. This is the right place. I had my doubts, but with Kent’s team and everybody working with him … they convinced me that it was the right place. And it most definitely is the right place. Don’t overpay. This is the place to come. Spotless, clean and first class.”

Jet Medical Tourism - Patient TestimonialsHi, my name is Thomas and I’m from Houston Texas. The entire experience with Jet Medical Tourism has been wonderful. The hospital is great and one could not ask for any better service or any better care. The hospital staff is very polite, very professional and they tended to all my needs. I felt very safe here and there is nothing to worry about. Jet Medical Tourism picked me up in San Diego and brought me over the border to the hospital. Like I said, very professional and extremely nice driver. And I recommend Jet Medical Tourism to everyone who is looking to have the gastric sleeve or other types of medical treatment. The dietitian has been great! And I would recommend this for everyone who wants to lose weight or for other health reasons. Everyone is just wonderful. My nephew just came down here about 1 month ago and recommended it to me. So I guess its family tradition now. And I believe my sister will be having the gastric sleeve also.”

Jet Medical Tourism - Patient TestimonialsHi, my name is Korynne and I’m from Ohio. My mother and I came here to Tijuana Mexico through Jet Medical Tourism to have gastric sleeve surgery. We did loads of research and found that Jet Medical Tourism had the best ratings and the best reviews. And because of that we felt very comfortable coming here to Tijuana. Jet Medical Tourism recommended the hotel we stayed in the night before the gastric sleeve surgery and it was very nice. Our driver picked us up right on time. He was very nice and knowledgeable and even told us all about the area as we were driving through. We arrived at the facility and it was very nice and very clean. Everyone on the staff has been so nice and answered any type of question we had. My mother and I are very happy to be here in Tijuana Mexico with Jet Medical Tourism. We would definitely recommend Jet Medical Tourism to anyone that would ask.”

Jet Medical Tourism - Patient TestimonialsHi, I’m Agatha and I’m from Utah. I went through Jet Medical Tourism to get my gastric sleeve done and it’s been a great experience. Marie, the dietitian has been awesome to work with and you will really like her. One thing I did worry about was the safety factor, but I research a lot and it was a really easy process through Jet Medical Tourism. They made it really easy! Jet Medical gives you everything. They provide a diet for you beforehand and they make sure everything goes very smoothly. It was just a great experience! And I would recommend that you go through Jet Medical Tourism because it’s a great company to go through.”

Jet Medical Tourism - Patient TestimonialsHi, my name is Craig and I’m from Houston, Texas I scheduled the gastric sleeve procedure with Jet Medical Tourism. I called them about a month ago regarding a special they had. They locked in the price. They have worked with me great to make everything happen. I enrolled in the nutrition program where they will follow up with me after the surgery. This will help me get on board with all the processes and everything I need to do. So far everything has been great and I hope it all continues to go great. As of right now, I would so much recommend Jet Medical Tourism. The recommendation through Jet Medical is a YES! They have a good team. They call you back when you call. If they miss your phone call, they get back in touch with you right away. Everything has been great so far… thank you!”

Jet Medical Tourism - Patient TestimonialsHi my name is Johnathan and I’m from New Mexico. I scheduled my gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico with Jet Medical Tourism. I had nothing but good customer service. Talking with the dietitian Marie she has done really well. She even visited with me after surgery to make sure I had everything I needed and make sure I was doing good. The facility is amazing. It’s really good here. I would recommend coming to Tijuana for surgery. This place is great. The nurses check up on you every hour. They make sure that you have everything you need. I would definitely recommend it. It’s pretty safe here also. It was perfectly safe for me and I have had no problems at all. I’m ready to go home now. The surgery went real well and I have no pain; nothing at all. The surgeons come in and talk with you before and after the surgery. They are really good people.”

Jet Medical Tourism - Patient TestimonialsHi, my name is Tiffany and I came from Arizona to see Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola to have the gastric sleeve surgery. I booked my appointment through Jet Medical Tourism. It was a very process and I have had a great experience in Tijuana Mexico. The staff was lovely and I would do it again.”


Hi everybody, my name is Karen and I’m from Los Angeles. And I had my gastric sleeve procedure with Dr. Reyes and his team. I found everyone very pleasant. I probably scared myself more than anything else, but I am recovering very well. It has not been as scary as I thought it would be. And all A+ to everyone and I would recommend Jet Medical Tourism to everybody.”

My name is Amelia and I’m from Utah. I had the gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico on Saturday and today is Monday. I’ve had a great experience and I would do it again if I need to.”

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