7 Tips After Weight Loss Surgery

Tips after Weight Loss Surgery

Its important that you not think of bariatric surgery as a diet, BUT rather as a new way of life for you and your family. Here are 7 quick tips after that will help you make changes to your lifestyle after weight loss surgery.

1. Portion Control
Make sure not to over indulge and eat very small portions throughout the day. Initially 4-5 oz and then progress to a few bite sizes and then small meal portions 4-6 times a day. Each meal size should be about ½ cup to 1 cup of food only. Never over eat and always stop before you are full.

2. Vitamin Supplements
Due to your new smaller or bypassed stomach, your body will not absorb enough nutrients from food so its very important to take daily vitamins and calcium supplements.

3. Hydration
Make water your new best friend! Stay hydrated by drinking sips at a time. Drink  water 30-minutes before or after your meal and never during your meal as this can cause stomach pain. Drink about 6 to 8 cups (48 to 64 ounces or 1.4 to 1.9 liters) of fluids a day to prevent dehydration.

4. Eat Slow
Chew your food thoroughly to puree consistency before swallowing. The new opening from the stomach into intestine is very small, and larger pieces of food can block this new opening. If there is a blockage, it will prevent food from exiting the stomach and can cause vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain.

5. New Food
Plan ahead what you want to eat so you are mentally prepared. The ability to tolerate foods varies from person to person, thus try one new food at a time. If a food causes discomfort, don’t eat it.

6. Protein
Eating high-protein food can help heal your wounds, regrow muscle and skin, and prevent hair loss. High-protein and low-fat foods are smart choices. Try adding lean cuts of beef, chicken, pork, fish or beans to your diet. Low-fat cheese, cottage cheese and yogurts also are great sources of protein.

7. Avoid Certain Foods
Avoid fried food and sugary snacks.

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