pre op clearance for bariatric surgery

Understanding Pre-op Clearance for Bariatric Surgery

Pre-operative clearance is an essential part of preparing for bariatric surgery. During this process, your medical team will evaluate your health to ensure you are a good candidate for surgery. Pre-op clearance aims to minimize surgical risks and optimize the chances of positive outcomes. It involves medical tests, consultations, and lifestyle modifications. 

Completing the pre-op process shows commitment to positive change. Understanding what it entails will help you prepare both physically and mentally for a safe surgery and improved health. The medical team will offer guidance each step of the way.

Health Questionnaire for Pre-Surgery Eligibility Screening

The first step when considering weight loss surgery including Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass is to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire from your chosen bariatric surgery provider or center. This in-depth form will collect details on factors like:

  • Current weight, height, BMI, and weight loss goals
  • Weight and dieting history – highest past weights, previous methods attempted, longevity of results
  • Disease history – diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver issues, reflux, etc.
  • Orthopedic conditions – back/joint pain, physical mobility
  • Cardiopulmonary health – chest pain, breathing issues, oxygen use
  • Mental health – anxiety, depression, emotional eating patterns
  • Medications and supplements taken
  • Family history of diseases
  • Previous surgeries
  • Pregnancy history
  • Substance and alcohol use
  • Eating behaviors – cravings, trigger foods etc.

Filing this out allows the bariatric surgery team to thoroughly assess your health profile and eligibility for weight loss procedures. They will determine if you meet the criteria for medical necessity based on having a high BMI (usually over 40, or over 35 with comorbidities) and having failed more conservative treatments like supervised diets and exercise programs.

 The surgeon will review the patient’s medical history, BMI, any comorbid conditions, age, lifestyle, goals and expectations, and other health and risk factors. The surgeon will then advise on surgery options, expected outcomes, complications and risks, recovery process, diet and lifestyle changes required pre and post-op.

Getting through this intensive questionnaire is the crucial first step to starting your bariatric surgery process. It allows customized planning right from the beginning.

Required Testing & Scans

You’ll undergo a battery of lab work, cardiac tests, body scans, and imaging including:

  • Blood counts, kidney & liver function, nutrients, proteins, hormones, cancer markers
  • EKGs and cardiac stress testing if risk factors are present
  • Pulmonary function tests if previous respiratory issues exist
  • Upper endoscopies to check for hiatal hernias or stomach abnormalities
  • Abdominal ultrasounds and/or CT scans to visualize organs
  • Gallbladder ultrasounds if undergoing gastric bypass
  • Bone density scans for those at risk of osteoporosis
  • Psych evaluations assessing mental fitness

Weight Loss and Lifestyle Changes

Getting into peak physical shape through diet, exercise, stress management, and other “prehab” regimes is also key. This helps the body be as strong and resilient as possible when undergoing surgery. Quitting smoking is mandatory. Your doctors may adjust medicines ahead of time as well. Following all of your physician’s prehab instructions is vital.

The Journey is Worth the Destination

While the pre op clearance for bariatric surgery requires dedication through numerous appointments, testing, and health interventions, it plays a profound role in your weight loss surgery success. Investing the time and effort to get medically and mentally fit before surgery means your body will be primed to adapt to the anatomical changes and absorb as many benefits as possible. With your healthcare team by your side charting this customized course, you’ll be able to navigate challenges confidently.

Bariatric Surgery Pre-op Clearance is just a click away!

If you’re carrying extra weight that is impacting your physical and emotional health, it may be time to explore a lasting solution. Bariatric surgery has evolved into the gold standard for significant, sustained weight reduction for those who qualify. Contact our Tijuana, Mexico practice today to begin your transformative journey.

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