Depending on the procedure, initial weight loss after bariatric surgery may occur fast, so it’s critical that your body gets all of the nutrition and vitamins it needs as you recover from the procedure. Your bariatric surgeon will prescribe the vitamins and supplements that your body needs. The most popular vitamins include:

Take high-potency chewable multivitamins or a liquid multivitamin that contains at least 15 mg of iron, 390 mcg of folic acid, selenium, copper and zinc. Take 2 tablets daily during the first 3 months after your bariatric surgery, then 1 tablet daily for life.

Calcium Supplement
Take 1,200 to 1,500 mg of a chewable supplement daily to prevent calcium deficiency and bone disease. To help increase absorption, take the calcium in “2 to 3 single doses” throughout the day. For example, take a 400 to 500 mg calcium supplement 3 times a day separated by at least 4 hours. Limit 1 dose to 600 mg which is the maximum the body can absorb at one time. Buy calcium supplements with Vitamin D – it helps the body absorb calcium.

Vitamin B12 Supplement
Take 500 mcg of vitamin B12 daily after your bariatric surgery to help prevent bone fractures. Patients who develop vitamin B12 deficiency often take shots of vitamin B12 to help with malabsorption following weight loss surgery.

Vitamin D Supplement
Take 1,000 to 1,600 International Units (IUs) of vitamin D daily to help stop bone loss.