Breast enlargement in Thailand is a plastic surgery procedure that involves the use of fat grafting instead of implants to enhance your breast size. The procedure is relatively less invasive and will involve a faster and more comfortable recovery. Many women are now choosing fat transfer breast enlargement in Thailand, particularly when they do not need exceptionally large or voluptuous breast appearance.

Aesthetic outcomes with fat grafting breast enlargement are often better because it is possible to contour the breasts more effectively with this technique. Your Thailand plastic surgeon will be able to create more accentuated curves in the areas where you want them, and slim the curves in sites where you don’t. The procedure typically involves two stages, which can be performed together.

In the first stage, your cosmetic surgeon will carefully remove autologous fat tissue from donor areas of your body using the liposuction technique. They will purify these fat cells before injecting them into your recipient sites in the breasts in a targeted manner. With multiple tiny fat injections placed at precise depths, your surgeon can enhance the breast volume and fullness exactly as you require.

Breast enlargement with fat grafting in Thailand will not only increase the size of the breasts, but also create a more appealing shape. If your breast tissue is firm and the original size is too small, your surgeon may perform an additional stage called tissue expansion. This technique will also improve blood flow to your breast area, and help to maximize the survival rate of your grafted fat cells.

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