Jet Medical Tourism®​ is committed to providing the very best orthopedic surgery services. Our network of board certified orthopedic surgeons provide treatment of hip, knee, spine, ankle, leg and arm disorders. Whether you’re flying from the United States, Canada or other parts of the world… our orthopedic specialists will help you get back to normal activities as fast as possible.

Orthopedic Surgery - Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement 

Total hip arthroplasty or hip replacement surgery replaces a damaged hip joint with an artificial joint (prosthesis). This helps relieve pain from most types of hip arthritis that can’t be controlled by other treatments.

Orthopedic Surgery - Hip Resurfacing

Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is designed as a surgical alternative to total hip replacement. Its generally recommended for younger patients with good quality bone whose hip is significantly interfering with normal activities.

Orthopedic Surgery - Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

Knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement surgery is one of the most common orthopedic surgeries performed today. This procedure helps relieve pain, improve mobility and provides a better quality of life.

Orthopedic Surgery - Knee Resurfacing

Knee Resurfacing

Also known as partial knee resurfacing or partial knee replacement, knee resurfacing continues to use the healthy components of your knee joint and only replaces the damaged surfaces.

Orthopedic Surgery - ACL Surgery

ACL Surgery

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgery is performed through very small incisions and is designed to reconstruct or repair the ACL by using a graft to replace the damaged ligament.