Jet Medical Tourism is committed to helping you achieve weight loss and keep it off over the long-term! We offer among the most comprehensive bariatric nutrition program of any competitor. Not only do you work with U.S. based nutritionists, but we also give you the tools for long-term success. Learn how our nutrition program can help you…

We stay connected with you during your entire weight loss journey through the #1 app for bariatric surgery!

Supporting & Staying
Just Got Easier

Jet Medical Tourism stays connected with you through the #1 app for bariatric surgery during your entire weight loss journey! It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to start connecting with our family.

How It Works

You enter a code specific to the Jet Medical Tourism program into the app. Important contacts, diet guidelines, discharge instructions, your calendar of events and more are now accessible at your finger tips.

Program Benefits

The Jet Medical Tourism program can access a HIPAA compliant dashboard to monitor your progress, nutrition and exercise. We help you make informed dietary recommendations while creating healthy lifestyle changes that last. Better support. More weight loss. Happier you.

Why Jet Medical Tourism?

Bariatric surgery is a journey that requires a complete lifestyle change for long-term success. Staying connected, informed, and having the necessary tools for success at your fingertips is a must. Only when you succeed, do we succeed.

With Jet Medical Tourism by your-side, tracking nutrition, calories, protein, fat, carbs, water intake and packaged food bar codes just got easier!

Monitor Exactly What You Eat
Track Your Calories

By tracking calories, you increase nutritional awareness, provide yourself nutritional targets and help quantify exercise. This helps reinforce the idea of a healthy lifestyle and takes the guess work out of counting calories each day.

Water Helps Energize Muscles
Track Your Water Intake

Water is an important part of any diet. It keeps you hydrated which is crucial for health, well-being and bodily functions. It’s very important that you track your water intake after surgery. Now, this process just got easier for you!

Calories, Protein, Fat, Carbs
Automatically Tracked

Track calories, protein, fat, carbs and more automatically. Research shows that people who do this lose more weight and have easier time keeping it off in the long run.

Scan Packaged Food
Analyze Barcodes

Don’t want to manually type the food you’re eating? If it’s a packaged food, you can simply scan the barcode, see the nutritional information, and have it logged automatically to your food journal.

Enter Specific Goals
We Help You Achieve Success

You’ve had bariatric surgery and you’re on a path to a thinner and healthier new you. By taking advantage of the technology at Jet Medical Tourism, you will have peace of mind knowing that your weight loss journey will be tracked and successful. 

  • Track nutrition
  • Track weight loss
  • Weekly motivation
  • Photo timelines
  • Ask nutrition questions
  • And much, much more