Monterrey Hospitals include San Jose Tec de Monterrey, Christus Muguerza Sur Hospital and Clinica Vitro Hospital. Each hospital is a leading medical facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology and top surgeons capable of handling the most complex procedures. In fact, Monterrey is home to four Joint Commission International Accredited Hospitals that provide world-class healthcare services.

Monterrey Bariatric Surgery Centers - San Jose Tec de Monterrey

San Jose Tec de Monterrey Hospital 

San Jose Tec de Monterrey Hospital is a world-renown hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International. This hospital specializes in bariatric surgery, spine surgery, cardiology, and oncology.

Monterrey Bariatric Surgery Centers - Christus Muguerza Sur Hospital

Christus Muguerza Sur Hospital 

Christus Muguerza Sur Hospital is a leading hospital in Monterrey that provides high quality healthcare services including bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric banding and revision surgery).

Monterrey Bariatric Surgery Centers - Clinica Vitro Hospital

Clinica Vitro Hospital 

Clinica Vitro Hospital is a dedicated full service surgery center in Monterrey that specializes in bariatric surgery, plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery. It is nationally certified by the National Health Council.