Guadalajara Hospitals include Hospital CIMA Hermosillo, Hospital Clinic del Pilar, Hospital Country 200, Hospital Versalles, Jardines Hospital and San Javier Hospital Guadalajara. These hospital facilities provide bariatric surgery and a range of other medical services to the general public.

Guadalajara Bariatric Surgery Centers - Hospital CIMA

Hospital CIMA Hermosillo 

Hospital CIMA Hermosillo is a full-service hospital in Guadalajara. The hospital received the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation which only a few hospitals are qualified to earn this merit.

Guadalajara Bariatric Surgery Centers - Hospital Clinica del Pilar

Hospital Clinica del Pilar 

Hospital Clinica del Pilar is a modern hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco that’s fully equipped to handle all bariatric surgery procedures including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, duodenal switch and revision surgeries.

Guadalajara Bariatric Surgery Centers - Hospital Country 2000

Hospital Country 2000 

Hospital Country 2000 is full-service hospital in Guadalajara that offers general and specialized medical services. It has been certified by the General Health Council of Mexico since it opened in 2000.

Guadalajara Bariatric Surgery Centers - Hospital Versalles

Hospital Versalles  

Hospital Versalles is a full-service hospital that was founded in 1970 and has been providing high quality health services to the general public and international patients since then.

Guadalajara Bariatric Surgery Centers - Jardines Hospital

Jardines Hospital   

Jardines Hospital Guadalajara is a full-service hospital in Guadalajara that provides specialized bariatric surgeries (single incision, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass). It also offers other medical services.

Guadalajara Bariatric Surgery Centers - San Javier Hospital

San Javier Hospital  

San Javier Hospital Gaudalajara is a full-service hospital with a strong reputation for innovation, highly trained doctors and state-of-the-art medical technology. It was also certified by the Mexican General Board of Health.