Hospital Mexico Americano, Nuevo Laredo

Established in 1955, Hospital Mexico Americano in Nuevo Laredo is one of the most advanced and prestigious hospitals in Mexico for patients from the US and Canada. The hospital has been ranked as a “third level” facility, which is the highest hospital grade in the country, certified by the National Health Council of Mexico. The hospital has a long-standing affiliation with Baylor Scott & White, one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States.

From basic treatments to the most complex surgical procedures, Mexico Americano hospital is equipped to provide state of the art medical care in a large number of specialties, including bariatric surgery and plastic surgery. The hospital’s industry-leading medical technology and equipment is complemented by the skill and experience of its highly recognized medical specialists and surgeons who attend to patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Specialized Services for International Patients

Mexico Americano Hospital, Nuevo Laredo is renowned for its best-in-class medical care and services for international patients. The hospital’s dedicated Medical Coordination Office ensures priority assistance and individualized support for medical tourists visiting from the US and Canada. Professionally trained and ethical Patient Facilitators, medical staff, and cultural support executives are available at the hospital to address the unique needs of international patients.

The complimentary Medical Coordination Services at Mexico Americano include:

  • Language support
  • Medical inquiry service
  • Transparent cost estimates
  • Coordination Doctors to explain the course of treatment and track the patient’s progress
  • Preparation of medical reports and records
  • Third party payment support and international insurance assistance
  • Prompt patient communication and email correspondence
  • Embassy contact assistance
  • Assistance and advice with travel and accommodation
  • Transportation from the airport to hospital and back

Surgical Rooms at Hospital Mexico Americano

Mexico Americano hospital has a world-class surgical complex comprising two large operating rooms equipped with the latest medical technology. Fitted with 140,000 lux LED lamps (the highest intensity at a global level), radio lucent equipment, full-electric operating tables, anesthesia machines with multi-parameter monitors and high-end mechanical ventilation systems, the surgery rooms at the hospital compete with the best facilities anywhere in the world.

State of the Art In-house Facilities

The hospital includes an emergency area, five adult ICUs (intensive care units), one endoscopy room, one ambulatory surgery room, two recovery rooms, and a well-appointed waiting room for the accompanying family members. All operating theaters and medical rooms have the highest standards for sterile care. The floors and walls in these rooms have anti-bacterial and anti-static coatings.

Hospital Mexico Americano has an in-house laboratory for blood work as well as the latest imaging equipment for x-rays and scans. The in-house Pharmacy at the hospital is open 24 hours a day, providing an extensive range of basic to specialized medications. The hospital runs on five core values of honesty, compassion, quality, security, and discipline to deliver excellent patient outcomes in every surgical and medical procedure.